Training & Safety

Exemplary Training Standards

Our staff undergo initial and ongoing training that meets or exceeds the most stringent standards. We also regularly add mandatory training to prepare them for new situations, such as pandemic health measures, disaster preparedness, riot/civil unrest management, and other topics. Additionally, staff must pass regular, site-specific audits based on client requirements. To increase the overall value provided at each site, our staff are cross-trained to fulfill multiple roles and responsibilities to be readily available at a moment’s notice.

Comprehensive Training Strategy

The strategy for our training program resulted from our leadership team’s collective industry expertise, which spans hundreds of years. Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach to training, we tailor to your requirements and deliverables. Our training program combines best practices from around the world underpinned by International Standards Organisations (ISO) 9001 management systems.

Custom Curriculum

During the mobilisation (transition) process, our management team works with you to identify the best combination of training courses for your site based on a detailed risk assessment. We develop a custom training curriculum that addresses your needs and integrates a combination of classroom and hands-on training to facilitate education effectively.