Hospitality Security

What does our Hospitality Security service offer?

  • Manned guarding – plain clothed or uniformed guards keeping your guests, staff and assets safe and protected.
  • Greeting and Welcoming – smartly dressed and well-presented security personnel can provide a warm welcome and direct guests on arrival.
  • Conflict management and conflict de-escalation – our hospitality security personnel are trained to quickly address and diffuse any challenging situations.
  • Preventive security – deterrence plays a major role in any effective hospitality security services solution. Visible security guards and CCTV cameras can prevent and discourage anti-social behaviour and other potential risks.
  • Access control – Keeping your entrances and exits secure will allow your visitors and guests, as well as staff, to focus on their activities and routine without interruption.
  • Dealing with emergencies – on request our guards can be fire marshal and first aid trained. They will provide an immediate security response to any scenario, before the police arrive.
  • Added value service – please feel free to let us know which additional services you might require, like cleaning, caretaking duties or any other specific requirements. We’d be happy to tailor a complete security solution to address all your needs. Contact us to let us know your special requirements.

Why choose Target Security as your Hospitality Security company?

Target Security officers are experienced, professional and trained in hotel security, restaurant security and customer service. We pride ourselves in being highly meticulous and detailed orientated and committed to understanding your requirements and circumstances.

We provide a wide range of bespoke hotel security and restaurant security solutions which are tailored to your needs, dynamic and designed to keep your premises, staff and guests safe.

Our hotel security and restaurant security service strikes the right balance between being extremely welcoming, friendly and accommodating, keeping residents and property safe.

8 Reasons To Choose Target Security

  • Target Security is compliant with highest standards of excellence – ISO9001 certified.
  • The finest security personnel – Our security guards are vetted and staff are carefully matched with clients to ensure they are the best possible fit.
  • Comprehensive training – Our officers are fully trained in conflict management and customer service and know how to respond to different situations with the appropriate approach.
  • Client first attitude – Our customer focused approach underpins the 5 star service we offer as attested by our clients’ experiences.
  • Transparency of service & reasonable pricing – without compromising on quality we offer competitive prices ensuring our clients needs are at the heart of what we do.
  • 24 hour pledge – We are committed to responding to any complaint within 24 hours.
  • Adaptable dress code – We have a bespoke uniform department designed to cater for any dress code clients require and discuss these needs with our clients.
  • Seasoned veterans in the field – All the staff are industry professionals, trained in customer service and driven to achieve excellent customer experience