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Our 24 Hour CCTV Surveillance Solution

Our years of experience operating across all market sectors ensure we can provide the right CCTV solution for your business. For 30 years, we have designed, installed, and maintained CCTV systems for small and medium companies, well-known high street brands, and major financial institutions. We are confident we can work with you to design a system to meet your business needs.

CCTV System

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IP Systems

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Video Analytics

CCTV System Design

Good system design is crucial to ensure you obtain an effective CCTV system that meets your requirements. STarget Security Group team of experienced security consultants will advise you on important matters such as:

They will further advise on whether an IP or analogue solution best suits your budget and requirement.

Why Target Security Group

As one of the UK’s largest electronic security companies, we provide the protection that keeps a significant number of the country’s large and small businesses operational. On a walk down any high street, you’ll see that many of the nation’s well known brands trust Target Security Group to provide this service.

Our core aim is to provide the best service available, as well as cost-effective reliable security solutions.

We are an NSI Gold accredited installer and service provider for all types of security systems and our “state of the art” Alarm Receiving Centre has NSI Gold accreditation.

CCTV Equipment

Target Security Group provide an extensive range of CCTV equipment, which we can tailor to meet the individual needs of your business. We offer a choice of traditional analogue CCTV systems to the latest IP based digital solutions.

We advise you on the best solution to meet your current and future requirements.We have no allegiance to any one brand of equipment and offer free independent advice on the equipment that is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Internet Protocol (IP) CCTV cameras transmit digital images through a secure internet connection, negating the need for a wired connection. This allows you to place IP cameras in more remote locations and access them through a smartphone or tablet.

Once the CCTV is installed, it’ll be entirely up to you when they’ll be active. Of course, if you want full protection you’ll want to have the cameras running 24/7, particularly when the business is closed. However, if you want to save money on your energy bills, you don’t need the CCTV in operation all of the time.

Not all cameras are designed to record sound, however, many will have audio capabilities. While it’s up to the business owner if they wish to record audio or not, they are required to inform staff and customers that they are being recorded.

Yes. You’re required by law to inform anyone on your premises that they are being filmed.

A self-installed alarm and CCTV system can easily be hacked remotely, as most cameras are linked to your internet’s IP address. However, if you opt to go through CCTV installation companies like Target Security Group, you’re paying for a secure network which is monitored for cyber threats – so the risk of hacking is largely reduced.

All footage captured is stored on-site, allowing you to access it whenever you need to. Equally, you have the option of having remote mobile connectivity, allowing you to view live feeds from your CCTV system.

Not all of them. Only infrared and night-vision cameras are designed to operate in low-light conditions.

If you record CCTV on your business premises, all the footage is owned by you, assuming that it complies with government guidelines. Most of Target Security Group monitored CCTV systems will store footage on-site, where you can easily view and download it where required. While more advanced options will give us access to your footage in order to provide a more robust security measure, you are still the legal owner of the footage.
On more traditional models the footage is stored remotely, allowing the owner and whoever he/ she wishes to review it at their discretion. With Target Security Group Visual Analytics, intelligent algorithms monitor your feeds in order to spot threats before they occur. Once something is spotted, a member of our Control and Command Centre team is alerted, allowing them to view the footage and take appropriate action.

Yes. If your business is the victim of a crime, you can use your CCTV system as evidence in court. However, there are strict guidelines on what your cameras are and aren’t allowed to film, such as other people’s property. Target Security Group trained installation team will talk you through the best locations for cameras in your business to comply with these guidelines.

In order to help you build a case in the event of a crime, Target Security Group Intelligence Service has a dedicated team of Police Liaison Officers, many of whom are ex-police force themselves. Our staff use their expertise to build criminal profiles and develop 5x5x5 intelligence reports, which are handed directly to the police to help issue banning orders or bring criminals to justice

Yes. CCTV can be a good incentive to keep staff busy while on the job, as well as ensure their safety and deter potential theft. However, you must ensure that they are aware of where they are and aren’t being filmed. Moreover, there are very specific places where you cannot monitor your staff, such as in the toilet or during union meetings. All instances of recording are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our prices depend entirely on the level of protection you require; the basic, CCTV system with 24/7 monitoring starts from £695, while some advanced features cost more.

Of course. There have been plenty of studies into the effect of CCTV systems on deterring crime, and both government bodies like the Surveillance Camera Commision and independent groups such as the Cambell Collaboration agree that there is a definitive link.

Yes, dependant on the model of your camera and software platform installed we can provide management information such as, people counting, heat mapping of areas of interest, customer flow data, facial and gender data, dwell times for key areas, till service cue times.

Yes, it is possible to record your EPOS (electronic point of sale) till transactions alongside your CCTV footage to provide searchable video evidence of till transactions

Yes, depending on the type of cameras and recorder it is possible to record and manage vehicles, and create live alerts of known “vehicles of interest”.

Using artificial intelligence and deep learning video recorders or software it is possible for your CCTV system to provide live alerts of abnormal behaviour vs normal behaviour, allowing you to better utilize your security personnel more effectively by focusing attention on abnormal events.

Your CCTV system can be used to detect “persons of interest” and provide local live alerts, remote alerts to our monitoring centre, it can also be integrated with the access control system to open or lock doors.

Yes, depending on the camera and equipment you have it is possible to record your CCTV video to a secure Cloud Service, providing both live and historical video, remotely accessed from a PC or mobile device, the service can also be used to backup important video, providing video evidence should the on-site video recorder be lost, stolen or damaged.