Remote Security Monitoring

Protection from future threats. A remote monitoring service can scale and adapt to your business and any new security and safety threats.

Remote monitoring services for your business

Professional security monitoring provides you with the technology, experience and resources to monitor your CCTV when you need it, but remotely.

It is a cost-effective way of remotely monitoring your business premises 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without the need for on-site security guards or patrols. Saving you the cost of on-site security and saving you the time and worry of checking on your premises out of hours.

Alarms can be generated through a range of devices, including CCTV, but also from other security systems and even environmental devices to detect temperatures, flooding, carbon monoxide etc.

Remote CCTV/Video Monitoring

Our remote monitoring centres handle all traditional on-site security guard tasks, reducing security staff costs, and giving you the benefit of knowing that a central operations team is always monitoring your business premises.

You can get direct cost savings of up to 80% of the cost of physical security guards or patrols that are no longer needed.

Our system reduces false alarms rapid response because trigger alerts are visually verified before despatch.

The benefits of a Remote Security Team:

  • Monitoring remote cameras during set schedules and providing important notifications
  • Answering alarm triggers and ensuring priority police response to emergencies
  • Monitoring that personnel are adhering to business expectations and policies
  • Archiving activity reports and video footage, for documentation and evidence
  • Providing remote video access to archives, and all security cameras in real-time remotely.

Remote Intruder Alarm Monitoring

An intruder triggers your alarm, what happens next?

Intruder alarms are great for deterring unwelcome guests from trying to access unauthorised areas. In the event an intrusion is attempted, the alarm activates and starts to ring.

But what happens after that?

Wouldn’t it be ideal if you were notified of the intrusion? Or perhaps if the police were immediately called to the scene? Our 24/7 intruder alarm monitoring service takes care of reducing the risk of intrusion, and helps you to avoid potential damage and inconvenience, by:
  • Implementing fast-response automated actions to combat activated alarms
  • Immediately informing you of attempted intrusions.
  • Identifying and managing false alarms.

Remote Fire Alarm Monitoring

Go beyond smoke alarms to avoid loss and damage

Fire alarm systems protect people, buildings and assets from fire loss and damage. So there is for a peace-of-mind arrangement for automated calls to our control room to call local fire brigades to attend. 

Our 24/7 fire alarm monitoring service helps to protect you, and reduce the risk of potential fire loss and damage, by:

  • Setting up auto-diallers to notify our monitoring centres about activated alarms
  • Swiftly informing fire brigades, for emergency call outs without delay
  • Monitoring fire sprinkler water flow and valves to minimise water damage
  • Regularly testing, inspecting and repairing alarm equipment to ensure reliability.

Remote camera activation

Utilising onboard or edge analytics, camera activated CCTV monitoring allows large areas to be protected, via our Remote Monitoring Station. When an alarm is triggered, a video clip of the alarm is dispatched to our control room for review by an operator.

Features include:

  • Protects areas intruder alarms cannot reach
  • Motion activated
  • View incidents remotely

Benefits include:

  • Reduce false alarms
  • Reduce unnecessary site visits
  • 80% cheaper than hiring a security guard

Remote video verification

 Remote Video Verification is a cost-effective way of viewing incidents and  activations through a video (CCTV) system. The service provides a cloud-based software solution for physical security linked to an intruder alarm activation.

Features include:

  • Links video (CCTV) system through to the intruder alarm Activates when intruder alarm goes off
  • View incidents remotely

Benefits include:

  • Reduce false alarms
  • Reduce keyholder calls and attendance