Intelligence-led security solutions

We work in close partnership with our clients to find the best combination of technology and highest calibre security professionals for a seamless service and measurable results.

Make a good first impression

Target Security provides only the very best in corporate security guard services, because we put a premium on customer service. We offer competitive pricing while following a strict set of standards for hiring only the best and most capable security personnel.


Protecting people and places, providing peace of mind

Retail & Banking Security

Target Security provides a high quality, professional retail security service designed to protect a range of retailers including luxury high end stores, department stores, shopping complexes, boutiques, and supermarkets from shoplifting, theft, vandalism, stock damage, anti-social behaviour and other security risks facing the retail industry.

With years of valuable experience and expertise in retail security, our highly trained and presentable security guards are perfectly positioned to tackle any scenario, or potential threat and assist with any duties with minimum interference to your daily, business routine. You can rest assured that they will keep your staff, clients, premises and property secured without compromising on your company culture.

Our security solutions are bespoke, flexible, and tailored to your needs and requirements by vetted security experts. Contact us to tell us about your specific requirements. 

Hotel and hospitality security

Target Security we provide high quality hospitality security services to a number of clients in the country. We work closely with hotels, restaurants and private member’s clubs to develop the optimum hospitality security solution in order to protect their employees, guests and property.

With over 50 years’ combined experience in the security industry, we understand that maintaining the safety of assets, staff and guests visiting your establishment is paramount to the success of your business. We ensure that we strike the right balance between the safety and protection of staff, visitors and premises on the one hand and discreet, friendly and welcoming service on the other hand. 

Construction and infrasturcture security

Construction and infrastructure manned guarding is still one of the most effective security measures, acting as a highly-visible deterrent to ensure the protection of your construction site and your personnel.

We can provide highly experienced manned construction guards with specialist skills including security mobile patrols, access and gatehouse security. Due to the hazardous nature of construction sites, we can also deliver first aid trained and health and safety trained officers to assist with any issues that may arise.

Our dedicated team will make it their sole responsibility to ensure your site, property and equipment are protected, ensuring minimum disruption yet optimum protection to your site. 

Rapid response & mobile patrols

Target security’s dog service works wonderfully with our mobile patrol services. Our canine operatives can patrol the perimeter of your site, acting as an effective visual deterrent and supporting our officers in securing your premises. With their heightened senses, our security dogs assist the officers in searching buildings and in the event of an intrusion, can lock on to the scent of trespassers and locate persons in hiding throughout the premises. This makes our mobile dog patrol perfect for providing security across outdoor sites, larger premises or multiple properties.

In the event of an incident, our security dogs are trained to detect intruders, supporting our security officers on the ground and protecting officers from physical altercation by providing vital self-defence. With your security solution supported by our highly trained dog teams, you can be sure your site is secured against crime. 

Warehouse & factory security

Through our experience and expertise, we have developed proven processes which allow us to deliver improved efficiency, boost productivity, reduce the risk of injury and foster better health and wellbeing.

Because we understand the specific requirements, and demanding operational schedules, of warehouse and distribution environments, We tailor our quality cleaning services to the needs of the client.

Our comprehensively trained security personnel have the nationally recognised skills to deliver a professional, dependable, proactive and effective service, centred around the clients’ specific requirements. 

Education security

Once you make an enquiry regarding school, college, or university security, we immediately conduct a preliminary on-site risk analysis to assess security and any possible threats. We consult you to design a security solution tailored to your budget that will instantly enhance the safety of everyone on the premises.

As Police do not have the resources to adequately ensure the safety of all students at all times, it is of increasing importance that alternative school security solutions are found so that students can learn in a secure and safe environment. Target Security has the technical, theoretical, and practical experience to deliver just that.