Target security for Electronic Security

When managing a business, everyday inconveniences are a fact of life. However, your security system doesn’t have to be one of them. If you like the sound of better security, more control, less inconvenience and ability to see what’s happening at work, then Target Security is for you.

Target Security intruder alarms

Our intruder alarm systems are the most sophisticated and intelligent security solution that helps to stop thefts during break-ins.

We utilise the very best in alarms, motion detectors, glass-break sensors, door magnetic contacts or sensors, and other electronic security devices from leading manufacturers with European certifications.

Benefits include:

  • Detect and prevent any unauthorised attempt to access your business
  • Video-verified security systems allows our monitoring specialists to confirm a break in visually, which means faster police response times and minimise false alarms
  • Notification alerts received via an app on intruder activities.

Target Security CCTV Systems

No matter the size, type or location of your company, a break-in can be financially devastating to a business.  CCTV security systems are the best way to protect your premises against burglary and break-ins.

Benefits include:

  • See what’s going on, review important events, and even catch an intruder.
  • Motion detection in security cameras will you send real-time notifications to see what’s happening when you can’t be there.
  • 24/7 secure cloud recording options eliminate the need for additional hardware and enables access to live and recorded video clips.

Security access control

Target Security provides multiple options  for you to manage access control for your business. Our industry leading access control systems will help you to protect your assets and create a safe environment for employees and visitors.

We can provide either a software – or web-based management applications, which your team can use to easily manage your access system.

Benefits include:

  • Manage access for employees and visitors to your office building.
  • Easy to set-up  and revoke access for ex-employees.
  • Biometric Access Control  – facial recognition or finger-print systems 
  • Full integration with CCTV surveillance, intrusion protection and fire.

Target Security fire safety

Protect your staff and property with a fire system from Target Security. We can carry out your fire safety needs and carefully design the ideal solution.

We also provide a range of fire safety surveys, including fire risk assessments and audits, to all properties (business and residential) regardless of size throughout Malawi.

Fire safety solutions include:

Target Security time and attendance

Do you require an employee clocking in system to improve performance and save your business a lot of money?

We also have specialism in staff clocking in systems for time and attendance solutions, helping your business to accurately and cost-effectively collate information shared among parties to improve employee performance. Save money by ensuring staff work contracted hours daily and you are not paying for unproductive time. 

Benefits include:

  • Save time and money by automating the calculation of: Staff attendance hours, overtime, holidays and absenteeism.
  • Provides evidence of compliance within working time regulations.
  • Nationwide customer service and support
  • Integrated access control solutions