Does your business site comply with fire safety regulations?

We provide a comprehensive range of fire safety services to ensure compliance for your business. Our team of experts engineers will design, install and maintain fire alarm systems with safety and business continuity in mind and offer a round the clock aftercare service.

Fire detection and fire alarm solutions for businesses

Reliable and effective fire detection and fire alarm systems

A quality fire alarm system isn’t just a luxury for peace of mind, it’s a legal requirement and crucial addition to your business location.

Our experienced teams of designers, engineers and installers ensure that you are protected and compliant with current fire safety regulations, with a vast range of fire detection, fire alarm and suppression systems designed and integrated to suit your specific needs.

Reliable and effective fire detection and alarm systems are essential for all businesses to protect employees and visitors in your facility and minimise the risks to your business.

Target Security fire safety

Protect your staff and property with a fire system from Target Security. We can assess your fire needs and carefully design the ideal solution.

We also provide a range of fire safety surveys, including fire risk assessments and audits, to businesses throughout the country.

Fire safety solutions include:

What is fire risk assessment and how often do you need to do one?

A Fire Risk Assessment is a document that reviews a premise and makes an assessment of the risks that people working there would be exposed to in the case of a fire. The document should also identify the general precautions and equipment needed to mitigate those risks.

Whether a company needs a Fire Alarm system or not, is down to a suitable and sufficient risk assessment of a premises and advice from the building insurer or enforcing authorities.

What is a fire suppression system?

A fire suppression system is designed to “supress” a fire, limiting its ability to spread, minimising the damage that it can cause, and to extinguish it before it becomes too large. Typically, a suppression system will be designed to operate within a defined area such as an IT suite or commercial kitchen but can be used across a whole floor or building if required.

There are various methods used for extinguishing or suppressing a fire, and the choice of which to use will depend on the individual situation and characteristics of the area being protected.

Fire suppression methods include:

  • Cooling (removing the heat),
  • Starving, (removing the fuel),
  • Asphyxiation (removing the Oxygen)
  • Disturbing the chemical chain reaction, a necessary component of a fire.

Fire sprinklers

Combining both mechanical and electrical expertise sprinkler systems provide an additional degree of protection for both life and property above smoke and/or other fire detection systems.

A correctly designed and installed sprinkler system can detect and control a fire at an early stage of development and activate an alarm. Correct operation of the system will rapidly reduce the production rate of heat and smoke allowing more time for personnel evacuation.

We provide the following fire sprinkler soultions:

  • Fire code compliant monitoring services
  • Fire sprinkler water flow and valve monitoring
  • Fire monitoring with dispatch
  • Early notification to minimise water damage
  • Standalone or integrated panels
  • Test and inspection services for the alarm devices connected to your fire suppression system
  • Maintenance and repair services for the alarm devices connected to your fire sprinkler system
  • We have the expertise to design, install and maintain a cost-effective fire sprinkler monitoring solution that meets your code requirements and needs

Fire extinguishers

Even if your premises are kitted out with the latest in fire warning and suppressant systems, fire extinguishers are an essential asset when it comes to proofing your building against a fire emergency.

They can help control small outbreaks of fire quickly, preventing flames from spreading and causing more damage. In more severe emergencies, fire extinguishers can save lives, helping keep an evacuation route clear and providing crucial access to escape points.

Before you go ahead and buy one, you need to know the difference between the categories/colour and to be able to choose which is right for you.

Need help understanding your fire extinguisher needs for your business? Whether you’re buying or looking to service your fire extinguishers