Intruder Alarm and Detection Systems

Installing reliable alarm detection solutions is the easiest way for businesses to help prevent break-ins. Target Security installs, monitors and maintains a range of alarm systems designed to deter potential intruders from your premises.

Intruder Alarm Systems

Intruder alarm systems make intruders think twice. They are a deterrent, but also provide a warning that an intrusion is taking place either to you or through a professional monitoring centre. Our alarm detection systems secure every aspect of your business or home, from premises, stock, to personal valuables, equipment and systems. Everyone has different needs, which is why our alarm systems are individually tailored to provide the greatest protection. Our technology sync with other third-party solutions, integrating seamlessly with most Physical Security Information Systems (PSIM).

Intruder Motion Sensor Detectors

Motion detectors are an essential part of your security system. The Passive Infrared sensors (PIR) are designed to detect any signs of movement that could be caused by an intruder.

Motion detectors can be wired or wireless and connected to your intruder alarm control panel. The devices are located at the top corner of rooms of entry points, the alarm activates if they detect any movement.

Our sensor detector range covers multiple applications and delivers excellent performance while virtually eliminating false triggers such as strong drafts, animals and moving objects.

Intruder Motion sensor solutions include:

  • Motion Passive Infrared (PIR)– five layers of detection including look-down zone
  • Photoelectric Beam– dual beam detection improves false alarm immunity
  • Seismic Detectors – 24-hour surveillance of vault walls and doors, safes, night safes, and automatic teller machines
  • Glass break detectors – Microprocessor-based sound analysis technology.

Better protection for your business

While traditional alarm systems can be very effective, advanced audio alarm systems from Target Security can provide even better protection for your business.

Unlike conventional alarms, our verified alarms are sound-based – not motion-based – so when an alarm is triggered, our monitoring professionals can listen and watch-in to determine whether a break-in is in progress, or whether a false alarm has occurred. If it is a break-in, we immediately dispatch police and relay real-time information to the responding officers. If it is a false alarm, we simply reset the system without bothering you or the police.

Rather than relying on intruders to break a contact or trip motion sensors,  our systems activate whenever any unusual noises are detected within your facility. When activated, they send audio feeds to our highly trained monitoring professionals, who can verify that a break-in is in progress or determine if it’s a false alarm.

Audio verified benefits include:

  • Ability to identify intruders who enter the building
  • Critical information for responding to law enforcement
  • Higher apprehension rate than conventional security systems

Video Verified Alerts

For faster police response times and to minimise false alarms, Target Security offers a range of remote verified intrusion alarm options. These enhanced alarm systems have integrated video surveillance, providing more insight into the alarm activity. Verified security solutions allow our monitoring professionals to confirm an intrusion attempt is taking place, reducing the occurrence of false alarms and leading to faster police response. When an alarm event is triggered (such as a motion detector, door sensor, or glass break sensor) the associated video clip of the activity recorded by your security cameras is sent to our Monitoring Centre to confirm that an intrusion is in progress visually. Once an alarm is verified with the video feed from your security camera system, we will immediately alert authorities to the situation.

Decrease business losses by:

  • Priority Police response
  • Decreased business Losses
  • Reduced disruption to your business
  • Documented events for evidence

Outdoor perimeter security

Accurate outdoor detection of Intruders in darkness and adverse conditions

Taregt thermal perimeter detection uses state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology (sometimes referred to as thermal cameras) combined with intelligent analytics to help protect your organisation from outdoor intrusion, theft and vandalism. This technology provides improved protection of your outdoor assets as opposed to outdoor security camera systems and other detection methods for businesses. Help keep your outdoor assets safe and identify threats prior to an indoor break-in through this powerful, proactive solution.

Outdoor security systems benefits include:

  • State-of-the-art outdoor thermal sensors can detect human intrusion into unauthorised areas
  • Intruders are unable to hide as their body heat can be identified the moment they breach your perimeter
  • Ideal for detection outdoors, in darkness, harsh weather or obstructed views
  • Analytics can discriminate between human intruders and environmental “noise” such as animals or inanimate objects
  • Designed to eliminate common factors that can trigger false alarms with other systems