Corporate, Legal & Insurance Investigation Solutions

Investigation and surveillance services wherever you need them. We employ the most knowledgeable investigators in the country conducting large-scale investigations.

Surveillance & Undercover Operations

Target Security provides us with the ability to monitor behaviour, activities, and other changing information. Its primary use is for evidence and intelligence gathering. In many circumstances, Target Security techniques may be used in conjunction with other investigative services.

We have a proven track record in undercover operations and workplace monitoring. Our undercover investigators fit within many scenarios and work discreetly to uncover information within environments such as workplaces, political groups, and event settings.

Corporate undercover investigation is one of the most powerful methods of information gathering. 

Insurance, Disability and Injury Investigation

The cost of insurance fraud runs into billions of Kwachas annually in Malawi and it is estimated that roughly 30% of all claims have an element of fraud or misinformation.

 Insurance Association of Malawi states fraudulent claims are prevalent in motor, medical and theft. 

Security Risk Intelligence

Our investigators use different sources and innovative techniques to gather intelligence such as video surveillance to complement interviews.

Our Target Security Investigations include:

  • Online and physical surveillance
  • Video surveillance
  • Social media monitoring
  • Digital communications
  • Data discovery and analysis 
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our techniques allow us to compile a profile of an individual or entity, which may include information such as address, contact information, business affiliations, criminal records, social activities, day-to-day activities, and associations. All information contained in our reports is court ready and within privacy guidelines.

We analyse different sources in our investigative work that involve researching social media, databases, government records and conducting deep web searches.