Open Source Intelligence

Publicly available information at your fingertips. Our teams of experts can compile reports, set up monitoring and alerts, or train your team on OSINT frameworks and best practices.

Open Source Intelligence

Our investigators use open source techniques as an intelligence gathering tool in order to better direct other investigative measures such as surveillance or interviews.

Our OSINT Services include:

  • Online and physical surveillance
  • Social media monitoring
  • Cyber security
  • Digital communications
  • Data discovery and analysis

This technique allows us to compile a profile of an individual or entity, which may include information such as address, contact information, business affiliations, criminal records, social activities, day-to-day activities, and associations. All information contained in our reports is court ready and within privacy guidelines.

Open Source Analysis is primarily used at the start of any investigation for intelligence gathering, and involves researching social media, databases, federal and provincial government records and conducting deep web searches. Open Source Analysis is extremely valuable in supporting our team to build timelines, chart networks and link events, and our analysts are particularly adept at uncovering this critical information.

Open Source Training

We offer training services to empower you to save resources and improve certainty. OSINT training is ideal for HR departments for pre-screening, legal organizations, or insurance corporations.

We provide online and in-person training courses available to the public sector, private sector, or a general course to get you started.

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