Management Engagement

Managers: On-site, Hands On Approach

Our management team intentionally have smaller portfolios to manage, enabling them to build solid working relationships with both our staff and clients. Our managers rarely spend time in their offices but are on-site working, providing extra support and on-going training. They get to know every site and client in their region, building trust through presence and communication.

Available and Accountable

Our client support philosophy centres on availability and accountability. Managers who oversees your contract, as well as Senior Leadership Team (executive) are accessible to you and responsible for the level of service and performance metrics.

Managers will visit your site several times per month. Not just at start-up but throughout the life of the contract, our management team will be a real, physical presence on-site. These leaders personally assure that we keep our promise to perform in precise compliance with contract specifications, legal regulations, and our internal standards. 

Through regular site visits and ongoing off-site analysis, we gain an in-depth understanding of your facility, employees, visitors and security needs. This combination of on-site and off-site analysis forms the basis of our quality assurance system.

Up-to-date intelligence helps us provide a more responsive, proactive and comprehensive level of security to protect you better. As your organization’s needs evolve, so will your safety and security procedures.