Personal Protection

Personal Protection Malawi

With over 20 years of experience in the private security industry, at Target Security we are committed to offering our clients a wide range of high quality security guarding services including private security services throughout Malawi.

Target Security’s personal protection service is designed to protect high profile and high net worth individuals and families, public figures and diplomats based in Malawi or those visiting from abroad from unwanted attention and to prevent and eliminate potential threats.

In-depth, comprehensive planning is at the heart of our approach and we take a broad range of factors into account when assessing potential threats and risks and devising a bespoke solution for our clients. We ensure that our close protection officers are carefully selected to match the specific needs of the client and that absolute discretion is exercised.

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What Does Our Private Security Service Offer?

  • Highly trained personal protection officers – our guards have extensive security experience, and are primarily from a policing or armed forces background. They undergo rigorous training and are able to anticipate potential risks, act as a deterrent for possible threats and react swiftly and effectively in any given situation.
  • Mitigation and contingency plans – we provide fully comprehensive mitigation plans and tailor-made solutions based on a thorough risk assessment conducted in consultation with each client.
  • VIP protection – we provide premium private security for a range of high profile figures, or for clients seeking personal security depending on their bespoke requirements
  • Discreet private security – your privacy is of the essence. You can rest assured our private security guards will respect your privacy and that any information shared will be treated as strictly confidential.
  • Peace of mind – our experienced and well trained security professionals provide 24/7 protection and make sure all threats are prevented or swiftly dealt with, to ensure you can carry out your normal duties with the peace of mind you deserve.
  • Highly presentable personnel – Our uniformed or plain clothed private security guards are always presentable, approachable, and professional. They can be dressed formally and make their presence felt, or be discreet and non-descriptive depending on each client’s preference and needs.
  • Flexible solutions – no two solutions are identical, and we make sure our experts take the time to understand your circumstances, requirements and threats.
  • Fully licenced and insured – Our private security guards are all SIA approved, ISO accredited, fully insured and subject to extensive background checks.
  • Trained and vetted private security guards – our recruitment process is rigorous and thorough and includes full background and DBS checks. Our private security personnel are highly trained and experienced. 

We Provide Bodyguard Service For A Range Of Clients Including:

  • High profile individuals, families and institutions
  • High net worth individuals, families and businesses
  • Diplomatic and Consular Service staff
  • High risk individuals and businesses
  • Private functions and events
  • Personal protection for individuals
  • Chaperoning and chauffeur service
  • Professional drivers and executive car service Click to see our full client list and their testimonials. 

Why Choose Target Security As Your Private Security Company?

Target Security officers are the best in the business, with the highest levels of training in both customer service and the secure protection of property, people, and assets.

8 Reasons To Choose Target Security

  • Target Security is compliant with highest standards of excellence: –ISO9001 certified, SIA Approved Contractor, and Safe Contractor accredited
  • The finest security personnel: – our security guards are screened and vetted to British Standard 7858 and staff are carefully matched with clients to ensure they are the best possible fit.
  • Comprehensive training: – Our officers are fully trained in conflict management and customer service and know how to respond to different situations with the appropriate approach.
  • Client first attitude: – Our customer focused approach underpins the 5 star service we offer as attested by our clients’ experiences. To read more about this see our Testimonials.
  • Transparency of service and reasonable pricing – without compromising on quality we offer competitive prices ensuring our clients’ needs are at the heart of what we do.
  • 24 hour pledge: – We are committed to responding to any complaint within 24 hours.
  • Adaptable dress code: – We have a bespoke uniform department designed to cater for any dress code clients require and discuss these needs with our clients. 
  • Seasoned veterans in the field: –  All the staff are industry professionals, trained in customer service and driven to achieve excellent customer experience