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All our senior team have a police or military background
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Total Facilities Management

What if all your facilities needs could be managed by not just one company, but one service? At GSTS, we’ve made it our remit to help supply the requirements of your business without incurring the need for any complex or costly outsourcing.

Our Total Facilities Management Service is a one-stop 24/7 point of contact for you and your company to cover any and all of your maintenance needs. With years of experience and success both in a TFM capacity and as individual service providers, GSTS can supply you with a dedicated Contract Manager who will consistently devote their time to you and only you; for whatever and whenever you need.

From repair and maintenance to catering and cleaning, with our TFM Service every aspect of your facilities service needs will be met with fluency and effectiveness. Our cross-skilled team offer an interlinking management structure that has been deliberately streamlined to increase efficiency and reduce your overall costs.

In an increasingly competitive world the presentation of locations that have had obvious care and attention applied to them is a fundamental requirement for all businesses. Working with a trusted supplier such as GSTS who can deliver such standards of cleanliness allows you to focus your attention on what matters to you, the key delivery of your business.

Call us today to discuss your requirements: 0151 707 0007.

Close Protection Services

Reducing risk through meticulous planning

An assailant only has to be lucky once – a potential target must be lucky every day. With close protection support from GSTS, luck doesn’t come in to it.

We have been training Close Protection Operatives since 1997 and we have guarded some of the most high profile figures in the world – from high-net-worth clients (HNWC) to its greatest film and sports stars.

We work behind the scenes ensuring that your day to day activities are as normal as possible, with the assurance that we have conducted rigorous assessments of threat, risk, venue and location whether that be UK or abroad.

They know how our detailed technical planning and our discreet and comforting presence returns to them a highly precious commodity: normality.

Our Close Protection Operatives have operational experience in the military or police. All our operatives are SIA licenced, and screened and vetted to BS:7858.

This is a highly bespoke service. Please contact us for discreet and confidential advice: 0151 707 0007.