Factory and Industrial Site Security

Protect individual or multi-site factory or industrial business with expertly-trained security guards.

Protect Your Factory or Industrial Site with SIA-Approved Security Personnel

Factories and industrial sites have large amounts of stock and equipment spread out over large areas, therefore it can often be difficult to keep watch of everything when work is being done. Target Security have a comprehensive range of security services on offer that we can tailor perfectly to suit the security needs of your premise.

We are a trusted security company, with approval from the SIA and we are currently in their Top 5% private Malawi security companies. Whether unwanted situations break-out between co-workers or emergency planning is needed, our factory and industrial site security guards can provide instant safety.

Invest in security solutions which are specific to your business needs and can provide protection 24 hours a day throughout the year.

Factory Access Points Controlled Effectively

Static security guards can monitor access points including gatehouses and identify visitors and employees before entry.

Mobile patrols can also be deployed, providing enhanced safety to car parks and areas where more security is required in larger areas.

Officers will check identification of all employees and visitors and keep log books updated regularly to deter unwanted personnel from attempting to enter the premise.

Night watch security guards are available to both large and small companies to protect your industrial site after the working day.

Risk assessments and health and safety checks will be conducted to provide you with the best security solutions for your company’s requirements.

Our Security Guards are Health and Safety Trained

Each member of security staff is trained in first aid and health and safety procedures, responding to emergency situations promptly.

Often workers can injure themselves in factories and warehouse environments and they might be working alone or unable to send for help.

That’s why Target Security’s mobile patrols are ideal for looking out for anyone in trouble and assisting them in rapid time if needed.

By having experienced guards with health and safety knowledge, you will be able to carry on working knowing they are being prevented and if an incident was to occur, they are being dealt with effectively.