Gatehouse Security

Safeguard your home or business with top-level gatehouse security 24/7.

Choose Gatehouse Security to Keep Watch Anytime and Anywhere

Gatehouse security is probably one of the most vital security services needed for private and business premises as it is the first access point into many industrial areas. Target Security’s gatehouse security guards can safeguard your premises against intruders whilst also providing that visual assurance you need to greet any welcome visitors at any hour of the day or night, all year round. With approval from the SIA and being in the Top 5% of private Malawi security firms, our staff understand our customers and what they want and need from a professional security service.

We are proud to have a high customer retention rate of 95% which shows that we are trusted by our valued customers.

Gatehouse Security Guards Report on Suspicious Activity

Often it can be difficult to spot unauthorised personnel attempting to enter your premises if it is a large-scale property.

A proactive approach to tackle unwanted behaviour will be implemented, ensuring no one will access your property unauthorised.

Log books, vehicle and personnel searches and CCTV monitoring are just some of the services that we can provide for you.

If you require gatehouse security guards to wear formal uniform, we can also provide this on request.

Hiring gatehouse security guards with Target Security gives you peace of mind knowing we have your security under control, keeping an eye out for any unusual activity. 

Static and Mobile Gatehouse Security Guards

Gatehouse security offices can consistently provide both mobile security patrols and static guards to monitor your premises at more than one location.

We’ll ensure that the safety of your visitors isn’t jeopardised and provide each person with a visitor pass before entering.

Each security officer is trained to the highest standard and we can deploy officers with experience in concierge and reception duties should you need extra assistance.

Taking a highly proactive approach to our gatehouse security service, we can perform duties such as vehicle checks, keeping attendance records and providing a friendly face to all those entering and leaving your premise.

Trust Target Security staff to carry out patrols 24 hours a day wherever your location, even in remote places. 

Require Trustworthy and Dedicated Gatehouse Security?

Target Security can provide you with SIA-qualified gatehouse security professionals who have served customers with the highest quality for 25 years.

With all of our gatehouse security officers trained to the highest standard, we offer you unrivalled protection and we’ll also ensure that we uphold your reputation and enhance your image with our professional, efficient manner.

So, if you’re looking to hire gatehouse security services, leave no room for error and ensure Target Security is the brand behind your protection.