Retail Security

What does our Retail Security Service offer?

  • Flexible security solutions – We make sure our experts take the time to understand your circumstances, requirements and potential risks and devise a detailed blueprint for your retail security.
  • Manned Guarding – Highly trained, experienced, vetted, security guards will maintain the safety and protection of your staff and customers.
  • Luxury brand alignment – Our retail security personnel are immaculately dressed, groomed, place an emphasis on etiquette and customer service.
  • Trained and vetted retail security guards – Police cleared, experienced and highly trained personnel and provide in-house training covering preparation, relevant scenario based training and customer service.
  • Highly presentable personnel – Our uniformed or plain clothed retail security guards are presentable, approachable, professional, dressed formally and make their presence felt, or could be discreet.
  • Focus on customer experience – Our security personnel standing guard are always brand-fit and aligned with the brand culture and ethos.
  • Mitigation and contingency plans – We provide fully comprehensive mitigation plans and tailor-made solutions based on a thorough risk assessment conducted in consultation with each client.
  • Peace of mind – Our experienced and well trained retail security professionals provide 24/7 protection and make sure all threats are prevented to ensure you carry out your business duties peacefully. 

Why choose Target Security Group as your Retail Security provider?

Target Security Group officers are the best in the business, with the highest levels of training in both customer service and the secure protection of property, people, and assets.

8 Reasons to choose us

  • We are compliant with highest standards of excellence – ISO9001 certified accredited.
  • The finest security personnel – Our security guards are screened and vetted to British Standard and staff are carefully matched with clients to ensure best possible fit
  • Comprehensive training – Our guards are fully trained in conflict management, customer service and respond to different situations with the appropriate approach.
  • Client first attitude – Our customer focused approach underpins the 5 star service offer as attested by our clients’ experiences.
  • Transparency of service and reasonable pricing – without compromising on quality we offer competitive prices ensuring our clients’ needs are at the heart of what we do.
  • 24 hour pledge – We are committed to responding to any complaint within 24 hours.
  • Adaptable dress code – We have a bespoke uniform department designed to cater for any dress code clients require and discuss these needs with our clients.
  • Seasoned veterans in the field – All the staff are industry professionals, trained in customer service and driven to achieve excellent customer experience