Target Security’s national team deliver industry-leading security platforms for enterprise multi-site environments, integrating hardware and software to provide complete control over your business security systems.

Enterprise security solutions

Our national account projects team provide:

  • Specialise in multi-site geographically dispersed projects
  • Dedicated qualified and experienced technical project leaders
  • In-house system design team
  • Full CAD Cell with BIM & 3D modelling capability
  • National team delivering multi-site projects
  • In-house testing, integration and product development capability
  • Team of certified project managers and technical engineers and consultants
  • Experienced in a range of enterprise solutions – product and solution agnostic
  • Dedicated product team focused on innovation and security trends
  • Committed to meeting quality standards required from clients across a variety of industries and are dedicated to maintaining an up-to-date and relevant portfolio of accreditations.

Enterprise access control systems

Our comprehensive access control solutions are customised for you, whether it is one location or multiple locations across the country, continent or globe. Target Security’s access control experts can design and help you implement an enterprise level access control program. We offer a wide of state-of-the-art access control systems from door intercoms, card and proximity tokens to biometric recognition and hands-free systems from leading manufacturers, such as: Target Security’s, PACOM, GDX, PAC, Paxton, Lenel and 3xLOGIC.
We can provide access control solutions for:
  • Single platform solutions that integrate multiple databases
  • Advanced software-based managed applications Networked IP compatible solutions
  • Centralised command and control capabilities for comprehensive security programs
  • Scalable and integrated solutions for system flexibility and growth
  • Expert design, application, installation and support by Target Security access specialists.

Enterprise Intruder Detection

Our enterprise intrusion systems range from intruder detection systems (IDS), perimeter intruder detection systems (PIDS), motion sensing, integrated control panels and the expertise to harmonise existing systems with other third-party solutions. We have proven excellence in delivering enterprise intruder solutions in many verticals including commercial, multi-site retail, healthcare, financial, education, government and logistics.

Target Security’s national team deliver multi-site projects, using the latest technology from wired, wireless or hybrid solutions to deliver complete control over your business intruder and access control systems. 

Some of the types of intrusion alarm systems that we deliver are detailed below:
  • Motion sensor detectors and glass-break sensors
  • Audio verified alarms
  • Video verified alarms
  • Perimeter protection (PIDS)
  • Thermal perimeter protection
  • IP/GPRS dual-path alarm transmission

We work with some of the leading intruder alarm brands, installing control panels from leading manufacturers such Honeywell, Pacom, Texecom, Bosch and UTC.

Our intruder detection systems can offer seamless integration with most physical security information management systems (PSIM). The nature of our platforms allow open protocol

Enterprise CCTV video surveillance

The challenge to manage security at enterprise level is constantly growing. With the constant influx of new camera and surveillance technology, it can be a difficult task to ensure you have chosen the right solution to match your business needs. With the added complexity of existing equipment in your network, it can become a huge headache to think about upgrading software or installing new hardware to ensure your business complies with current security standards and that you are meeting the requirements of the board.

Target Security are experts at the design, installation and maintenance of CCTV and IP video surveillance solutions for larger and multi-sited organisations. It is our job to work closely with you and keep your business ahead of the game – and more importantly secure. Our unique approach to integrating systems ensures your business takes care of its most valuable assets, at all times.

Some of the considerations you may have when choosing to upgrade or install your new enterprise CCTV or video surveillance system are detailed below: 

  • Enterprise level Network Video Recorders
  • Advanced management video software
  • Intelligent video analytic technology
  • Streaming video over your network or the Internet
  • Networked systems with distributed video storage
  • Scalable and integrated solutions

Enterprise fire detection systems

Target Security provides a comprehensive range of fire safety services to ensure compliance for your business.

Target Security adhere to the latest British standards within the fire industry. We work closely with our customers to design, install, maintain and monitor the right industry specific fire detection and life safety solutions.

Our Fire British Standards Institute (BSI), BAFE SP203-1, NSI Gold and ISO 9001 accreditations prove we have been trained and regulated in all areas of fire system design, installation, commissioning and maintenance. We can also provide 24/7 monitoring for fire systems through our NSI Gold approved monitoring centre located in the Malawi.
Our fire detection services include:
  • Fire Detection & Smoke Alarm Systems
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Fire Sprinkler Monitoring
  • Emergency Evacuation & Lighting
  • Fire Safety Risk Assessment
  • Fire Door Safety
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Warden Training.

Installation, service and maintenance

Our highly skilled professionals are ready to handle every stage of your security project from planning, design and right through to installation.

We provide a full range of support services throughout the process, including:
  • System design – we have the expertise to offer full design and integration services
  • Software support – we can manage updates, perform inspections as and when required, and troubleshoot issues
  • Fire monitoring tests and inspections – our professionals can carry out regular checks and repairs
  • Embedded support – we can place a range of specialists onsite temporarily or permanently to support you.
  • Preventative maintenance for security systems – We offer a range of clearly defined maintenance programmes. These range from the fully comprehensive through to pay as you go and warranty only programmes. We also provide bespoke programmes to match your exact requirements.