Our Approach

Our Different Approach To Security

Security is not a commodity that should be solely measured based on the lowest bidder. It is the face of your organization, the first line of defense, the secure feeling that your employees, students, parishioners and visitors share.

We staff your facility with trusted, on-site partners dedicated to your security. Our personnel are much more than just security officers. They learn your facility, people and patterns. They notice when something is amiss. They are supported by managers who spend their days visiting client sites, not sitting behind their desks.

Employee Engagement

Our security officers are highly motivated and cared for. We provide recognition for excellent service through certificates of appreciation, rewards, and other perks based on exceptional performance and client satisfaction. Our employee retention rate is much higher than the industry average because our employees recognize how much they are valued and appreciated.

Management Engagement

Our managers are hands-on and on-site building relationships with our officers and clients. They support our security officers, talk to clients, and review sites and site-specific operations every day to keep your security program proactive.

Training & Safety

Our comprehensive, ongoing training and safety programs ensure our employees are continually educating themselves, with incentives to develop their skills and advance their careers.

Quality Assurance

Our comprehensive quality assurance process includes site inspections, audits and surveys, as well as extensive client reporting and regular measurement of client objectives. Information is cloud-based so you can view it from anywhere.