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The principles of mobile ad attribution, analytics and tracking Strategic & Creative Mobile Marketing Agency

You can use Apphud to send subscription events such as trial activations, renewals, and cancellations straight to your favorite integrations, like AppsFlyer, Adjust, Amplitude, and more. The SKAdNetwork protocol is the de facto attribution standard for iOS marketing mobile marketing attribution today. With it, marketers can get deeper attribution but with the privacy-safe data aggregation, they expect from Apple. Segment highlights that the most important criteria for choosing the right attribution tool is the number of integrations it has.

mobile marketing attribution

These tools give marketers the foundation to make data-driven decisions, optimize strategies and target the right audience for campaign success. Moreover, mobile attribution is essential to optimizing funnels, campaigns, and the user experience. As it tracks user events and helps you understand user behavior when faced with paid activity, it ultimately allows you to improve all aspects of your app, ad spend, and creatives. Lastly, attribution will enable marketers to track their ROAS (return on ad spend) to ensure they’re spending money in the right places and gaining a high ROI (return on investment). According to a survey, 75% of companies are using a multi-touch attribution model to measure marketing performance.

How Does Mobile App Attribution Work?

Yes, mobile attribution works in the same way as other types of tracking in the sense that it helps you determine what actions users took before becoming conversions. With that in mind, this type of tracking provides unique insights that aren’t available through Google Analytics and other conventional platforms. Before we get into the nitty gritty of how it works, it’s important to keep in mind the value of mobile attribution. With mobile attribution, companies and developers collect data far beyond the number of app downloads or installs. Such customer tracking technology allows you to categorize power users, understand the actions people most often take on a smartphone and get important information about the platform’s client base.

mobile marketing attribution

Singular houses a robust suite of tools – including mobile attribution solutions, marketing analytics, fraud prevention solutions, and ad monetization analysis. Much like the term suggests, view-through attribution allows marketers to measure conversions that have a gap between when users have viewed the ad without actually clicking on it but eventually take action later. Attribution providers can open your eyes to a wealth of cross-network data that can help you boost lifetime value (LTV) and ultimately ROI. The most suitable attribution model for you depends on your user acquisition strategy. AppsFlyer reported that about 23 % of users have more than a single attribution touchpoint, a fact closely connected with the number of networks that you use for acquisition and the potential threat of overlapping audiences.

How Singular provides mobile attribution

With over 5 million apps available on the App Store and Google Play, re-engagement is an important part of marketers’ user acquisition techniques. An app install is linked to a marketing activity such as an ad or a marketing campaign using mobile attribution. Marketers want to identify when their ad campaigns are successful, so they employ mobile attribution platforms to link impacts (app installations, events, and revenue) to drivers (ad campaigns). Of course, the aim is to put more investment into initiatives that have a greater impact, such as more and smarter mobile users.

mobile marketing attribution

Is currently the attribution modeling standard, occurs when an install or re-engagement is matched to the last interaction, or touch, in the user journey within the attribution window (or lookback window). In this case, the ad network which produced the last touch gets the credit and payment. Apple informed app developers that “fingerprinting,” a probabilistic attribution mechanism, is prohibited unless users give specific authorization. However, the future attribution mechanism on iOS will be powered, at least partially, by SKAdNetwork, a privacy-preserving deterministic architecture for mobile app install attribution. With their privacy project, App Tracking Transparency (ATT), and its accompanying SKAdNetwork, Apple has continued to modify how users and ads are monitored on iOS.

Mobile attribution also needs to be customizable

Why it’s impossible to effectively grow your app or game with mobile ads without having attribution tracking in place? Within the mobile attribution platform space, there are
a few key players that offer varying functionality. As of iOS 14.5, the IDFA identifier is no longer available by
default, and apps must ask the user for permission to track them. That’s just part of mobile attribution tracking that’s part of a larger marketing intelligence package. But to take advantage of that data about the past to generate more growth in the future, you also want to know what creative worked really well.

The number of days elapsed is called the attribution window and depends on the relevant ad network. Usually, you can configure the length of the window yourself within your chosen attribution tool. It’s important, because it will have an influence on your selection of attribution platform. It’s also good to understand differences in models which can have a fundamental impact on the evaluation of your campaigns. In this article, we have included the most important information that you need to know about mobile app attribution.


Despite its many benefits, it’s important to acknowledge that there are real challenges with mobile attribution. That’s why Adjust is here to simplify the process and walk through your marketing journey as a partner in measurement. Mobile app attribution can be complicated and a little frustrating because there isn’t an existing industry standard for measurement methodology.

mobile marketing attribution

Organic users are considered the best quality users, delivering high ROI and LTV (lifetime value). Doing this important comparison is easy when all of the data you need is in one place. The money you save gives your ROI a nice boost and can go right back into user acquisition and re-engagement. This is why attribution providers offer what is referred to as a universal SDK. Get mobile marketing insights and invites to exclusive webinars sent right to your inbox. The newest player is Branch which became FB MMP in late August this year, and shortly after that announced an acquisition of Tune.

Navigating an economic downturn: 3 ways to utilize SEO to boost your app marketing growth

Your IP address changes depending on your location, so it can be used to determine where you are connecting to the internet. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data.

  • In this mode, every single click is counted and everyone is given the same amount of credit for producing the conversion.
  • Multi-touch attribution reveals the whole picture of user journeys by setting equal credit values for each step.
  • There are many different mobile attribution models, but these can all be broken down into single-touch attribution and multi-touch attribution.
  • In recent years, advertisers have been increasing their budgets for mobile advertising; eMarketer forecasts that mobile ad spend in the U.S alone will hit $161.49 billion by 2024.
  • Meaning that your attribution tracking solution doesn’t just see random effects pop up in various places … it sees the causes too.
  • To summarize, by using mobile attribution organizations and developers
    collect insights that go well beyond the number of app downloads or installs.
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