Maintaining your facilities to the highest standards at all times.


Working with you to ensure a safe and compliant working environment throughout the construction process.

Providing For Future Generations

Ensuring that future generations are well educated and have the skills they need to prosper is not only good for their future, but good for the future of the nation.

Therefore, it is vital that the learning environment is of the highest possible standard, allowing students to concentrate on their learning and teachers/lecturers on enriching minds. Target Security can work with you, and in line with all government guidelines and legislation, to create the best possible learning environment for your students.

Primary Schools

Understanding individual needs

Putting parent’s minds at ease and giving them confidence in the school they choose to send their child to is vital. Regular communication is a key aspect of this, making them aware of what their child is up to and providing them with information on anything that might impact their child’s well-being and education. Every child requires different things to flourish and that is why it is important that we collaborate with you, to create the best start in life for your students.

Secondary Schools

Inspiring young adults

During their time at secondary school your students will grow from children into young adults, it is vital that they do so in a safe and supportive environment that encourages their development and independence while they continue to be guided by their teachers. Target Security will work alongside you to create an environment that is best suited to encourage students to learn and grow, so they leave school ready to face their future.

Colleges And Universities

The volume and variety or courses and classes available at colleges and universities means that time tables can be complicated and that the numerous settings all have different requirements.

Target Security will work with you to create environments that are favourable to learning no matter the department or discipline, understanding a bustling media department will have different needs to the library. Target Security offers a flexible service that is tailored to your institution and can adapt to the differing requirements of your facility.